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Investment Planning

Ultimately, investments are the most important part of any financial plan. "Financial independence only exists when the investment portfolio is substantial enough to provide the client with sufficient income for life." This simple statement demonstrates the importance of intelligent, long-term investment planning.

At Income & Asset Advisory, our investment planning means designing and maintaining a portfolio to meet the investor's needs, goals and objectives while controlling risk, liquidity and tax concerns of the investor.

Our primary goal is to reduce risk and preserve capital; our secondary goal is capital appreciation within each investors risk tolerance.

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Financial Planning

We offer financial planning for wealth accumulation and wealth protection. Developing a financial plan can help you plan for the future whether that includes children's college, buying a home, insurance needs, retirement or divorce. The largest benefit of creating a financial plan is to define life goals and then create a strategy to accomplish those goals. Taking the time to plan your finances, maintain a budget and a savings strategy will permit you to have more control over your financial future.


Retirement Planning

Our goal, when working on a retirement plan, is to first focus on sufficient income for life. We consider all income sources: retirement accounts, pensions, social security, future planned contributions, etc. to accomplish your lifestyle goals. Our second focus is on wealth protection by discussing long term care planning, insurance, and at the appropriate time, government health care plan options with our experienced specialist. Our third focus is on legacy and estate planning. Our goal is to help ensure your legacy is passed down to your loved ones and charities with thought and care.


College Planning

With college costs soaring, it has become a necessity for a child to have a college savings plan. Our goal is to help you navigate through the various investment vehicles: 529 College Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Accounts, to find the most beneficial, tax advantaged plan for your child's or grandchild's education. We also encourage grandparents and others to take an active role in the savings process.


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans 

Our advisors work with business owners to develop the most cost effective way to establish an Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan for their employees. We recommend a variety of vehicles including 401k's, Money Purchase/Profit Sharing Plans and ROTH IRAs. We offer continuous support of the plan with investment analysis and monitoring. We provide regularly scheduled group and individual consultations for the employees.

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"Green" Planning

Make "green" work for you! We are currently advising on environmental markets. Watch our website as we develop this budding interest.