Community Outreach

 Memorial Day Parade

Photos of Jim as the Grand Marshall at the Town of New Castle Memorial Day Parade on May 26, 2014.  This years parade dedicated the Route 120 Bridge to Staff Sargent Kyu H. Chay,  U.S. Army Special Forces, who was killed in Afghanistan in late 2006.

Jim has run this parade for the past sixteen years as one of the civic activities he is involved in.















Face of America

May 15, 2014

Re:  Face of America Bike Ride --Washington, DC to Gettysburg, PA

Dear Friends,

I wanted to make you aware of this event that I recently participated in. In total over $450,000 was raised to help these brave military veterans.

The days of the ride, April 26th and 27th, were magnificent, warm spring days—from our nation’s capital, north to battlefields of Gettysburg, PA.  I am pleased to report that over 500 riders took part in the World Team Sports ride, including 60-70 seriously injured/amputees who made the ride on hand-propelled or other unconventional bicycles. In witnessing this event firsthand, the inspiration generated by these particular individuals was absolutely overwhelming.

As a Combat Veteran myself, who was fortunate to return without serious injury after serving two tours in Vietnam, I can say that this was one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had in supporting my fellow veterans.  These men and women are the true heroes; they face every day without limbs or suffer impaired usage of their body due to serious injuries sustained in Iraq, Afghanistan or, in some cases, Vietnam.  Yet these incredibly brave individuals face the challenges of the day with unnatural courage, immense positive energy and an amazing “can do” ethos that unquestionably belies their unfortunate situation.

I have included pictures which I hope can illustrate the amazing displays of courage that I witnessed during the ride.  In one photo is a Colonel who lost both legs to an IED yet is still on active duty, the commander of a major US Army base in Virginia.  Set to retire shortly, he will continue his work with veterans.  In this picture, the able-bodied riders assisting him up the hill are active-duty Navy personnel.  Not only did these riders assist the wounded Colonel, they did so instinctively, without hesitation or invitation.  This powerful scene was repeated time and again throughout the ride.

For additional pictures please see the website,


James P. McCauley Jr.